What to expect

You can expect practical, hands-on training on various topics. Topics range from deciding to do post-graduate studies (or not), creating a topic (conceptualising), how to go about doing your research (designing, conducting, analysing), writing up your results (data dissemination and making an impact), and just how to survive your research process overall.

Will contents be available for free? Some materials are provided free of charge to give an overview of what each course will contain as well as adding useful navigation tools you can access and share with others (besides just the academic content). Paid contents will be available at cost-effective rates for a student- and early researcher budgets.

In what format will the training be presented? Course materials may include online videos, downloadable worksheets, reference lists, discussion forums, live group webinar series, access to private groups where you can post questions and gain insight from the presenters’ other attendees’ feedback, as well as one-on-one sessions with the presenter(s). The modules are designed to provide a clear aim with supportive objectives, a theoretical component, self-study materials, practical exercises, feedback opportunities and live learning opportunities.

When can I start to enrol? You are welcome to join our email list for an update once course materials are uploaded and ready to go live!

Who can join? Whether you are doing your post-grad research or just thinking about starting on the research journey, or, want to upskill your research skills, you are welcome to enrol. The courses provide accessible knowledge in ways early or novice researchers can apply effectively. What we offer can run parallel to existing training in a fluid manner that provides additional support where it is most needed. No matter where you live, where you are registered, or if you are registered as a student, if you want to learn more about research, or am skilled at research and need greater preparation for a research project, you are welcome to join! As our courses progress, there will be ample opportunities for advanced training once the basics are covered.

No need to drown in the unknown – let us help you navigate your research process!